> I am on the East Coast of Australia.

I'm in central Queensland...

 > Do you know if by default if the date/time display will 
 > display only East coast Australia time, or will display  
 > from the user's time zone? eg Will USA users see the 
 > Australian time or their own time? Would this cause a issue 
 > with timestamping an order when it comes to writing to a 
 > mySQL database?

I presume we're talking about php date/time stuff here?  In that case,
php gets it's date/time from the server it is running on.  If your
server is on the east coast of Australia then you'll have local time for
east coast of Aust.

One way to deal with this would be to take everything back to GMT/UTC/Z
and use that instead.  Then all you need to do is add an appropriate
adjustment to get local time where ever the browser is - of course, you
may not easily be able to figure that out so it's not necessarily a
perfect solution.

In the end, the solution will depend on your requirements.  What are you
using a timestamp for?  If it's purely as a reference point in database
queries (i.e. all changes in the past two days, or 10 mins) then it
probably doesn't matter all that much.  Your database will be updated
from your server and your server has a consistent internal time.

If your application is date dependant in an absolute way then it becomes
a little harder I guess.  Although, you'd also ask yourself how relevant
it becomes to someone in a vastly different time zone - i.e. if you're
doing a local event calendar (which just happens to be one of the things
I'm doing right now) then the fact that an event might be happening
right now instead of this time tomorrow (from the perspective of someone
on the other side of the world and their time zone) is largely
immaterial - they aren't going to get there anyway.

Perhaps the simplest approach to that is to include a time/date
reference.  If you're going to include date information let the browser
know the context.  So, you advertise the next 'xxx' event will be at 3PM
17 May and tell them that it's 10:30AM on 17 May right now.  Leave any
relevant math up to them.

 > Can someone suggest a script that may give me the option to 
 > offer both  time zones to the user?

You could probably do something in javascript (being client-side it
knows the time in the browsers' location) to work out equivalencies and
conversions if you like.

CYA, Dave

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