hi can any one see a problem with this script .. I am trying to use
phpbuilder's rss link for a site but am having errors


$content .= "<TABLE BORDER=0 WIDTH=0%>\n<TR>\n";
$content .= "<TD><B>test</B></TD>\n";
$content .= "</TR>\n";
$content .= "<tr><td>\n";
//line 8 starts {
$fp = fopen("http://www.phpbuilder.com/rss_feed.php?type=general&limit=10 ",
"r") or die("Error reading RSS data.");
// } line 8 finishes


$content .= "</td></tr>\n";
$content .= "</TABLE>\n";

echo $content;

The error is as follows

Warning: php_hostconnect: connect failed in c:\phpdev\www\test.php on line 8

Warning: fopen("http://www.phpbuilder.com/rss_feed.php?type=general&limit=10
","r") - Bad file descriptor in c:\phpdev\www\test.php on line 8
Error reading RSS data.


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