yeah, just find in your web server where to tell it what kind of files to 
send through php.

there are also possible good reasons for sending .html files through php.  
like if you don't want users to know that your website is written in php.


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From: Justin French <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Your Apache config file will be set to only parse PHP pages if they have the
.php extension.... this is a feature, not a big, because otherwise every
html page on your server will be parsed, rather than just the php ones...
you could modify your apache config iff you wished, but I wouldn't.  .html
for HTML, .php for PHP, all is well.

Justin French

on 17/05/02 12:14 PM, Jeremy ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

 > Hi Folks,
 > A simple question that has me puzzled, obviously I have a config file 
 > somewhere..
 > Why does a filename.php file run as php and a filename.html with php code
 > embedded not produce a php result?
 > cheers,
 > Jeremy Burton
 > Senior Consultant
 > Level 2 Carillon City
 > Murray Street, Perth
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