> But AFAIK (and see ;)), variables in PHP
> in fact are never private, but always
> public, at least within the current script.

This is correct, all functions and variables inside a class are public.
There are no protected nor private func's / var's.

> So what would be the sense in having
> this kind of functions? Readability?

1. Grouping similarly purposed functions together into one class makes
usability much better (also allows for polymorphism and suchforth)

2. Expandability... although PHP doesnt support protected functions and
variables, thats not to say it never will... and should the day come - it
would have to be backwardly compatable. This is at least seen as a step
in the right direction

3. Interitance (which is only really possible with classes in any usable
form) with the ability to call the parent's function or over-ride it with
your own.

PHP has never claimed to be fully OOP compliant infact it has quite
blatently stated that its not. I hope that the time will come when PHP
has much more OOP support like other languages (such as C++, delphi etc).

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