This isn't a php question, which is why you aren't getting any answers...
there are many ways to go about this.  with cybercash and payflow, and all 
other payment gateways, you DO need a merchant account.  specifically, a 
merchant account that is compatible with the payment gateway you're trying 
to use.  Some services will accept credit cards for you, but charge you a 
more hefty percentage of sales (or some other fee system, like a 
per-transaction fee) to make it worth their while to write the software that 
does the credit card processing real-time for your website (like  most important is that you find somebody who gives a 
good deal on what THEY charge YOU, and who you can connect to in a way that 
you have available to you.  Lots of payment gateways just need you to have a 
utility that can send a HTTPS (!note the S !) POST or GET - which PHP by 
itself can't do yet - wait for 4.3 (and even then you'll need OpenSSL 
support compiled in).

maybe that will help, maybe it will further confuse you.  i leave it to the 
gods to decide.

----Original Message Follows----
Subject: [PHP] Comon guys, please help.
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 19:42:04 -0700

  Hi Guys,
  Special greetings to all of you who have helped me in the past.

  As some of you know i just bought a PHP book called "Php Blackbook" which 
  heard is really good.
  Anyway, In chapter 4 it talks about credit cards....and then CyberCash
  is owned by verisign and payflow which too is owned by verisign. The book
  also gave me some url and RFCs to look up.
  I dont know if its coz i'm a newbie to PHP or just dumb but I just cant
  understand this...its too damn high funda for me,
  I know google is my pal so I went there, read up on differient RFCs and 
  even more confused!

  I just want to know have any of you worked on these systems? eg CyberCash
  and PayFlow?
  Does this mean that if i want to start accepting credit cards on my site i
  wont have to pay for a credit card merchant account?

  PLEASE HELP if you know the answer or can offer any suggestions,comments

  Have a great day,

  /*If you see me getting beated up by the cops, put down the camera and 
and help me! */

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