Hey guys,
i'm getting this error whe i try to access this variable. $answers[answer$n]

Parse error: parse error, expecting `']'' in 
/home/blindtheory/web/quiz/add_quiz/add_quiz_process_2.php on line 36

the variable $answer[answers$n] comes from a form on the preceding page in 
which a number of answers has been entered. the number of answers is up to 
the user and can vary from 2 to 15. not the $n comes from a for loop whcih 
enteres the answers into a database since i do not know how many answers each 
user has used.

why am i getting this error?
and is there a way around it?
following is the for() loop in which this story takes place.



for ($n = 1; $n <= $quiz[number_answers]; $n++) {
                        $table = "$quiz[code]_answers";
                        $value = "$answers[answer$n]";
                        $query_alter_table = "ALTER table $table ADD answer$n TEXT NUT 
                        $query_add_answers = "INSERT INTO $table (answer$n) 
                        if (mysql_db_query($database_glob, $query_alter_table, 
$link_glob) AND 
(mysql_db_query($database_glob, $query_add_answer, $link_glob));
                                echo "Answer $n has successfully been added to the 
                        } else { 
                                echo mysql_error();
                                echo "Click here to continue";


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