That looks like UTF-8 encoding and I think you will need the iconv 
extension installed to convert it easily.

At 12:56 PM 18/05/2002, darcy w.christ wrote:
>   i'm in a bit of a bind and i'm hoping someone can help me.  i'm working 
> on a project in which some data was saved into a postgresql database.  It 
> was copied from quark express and entered through a php 
> interface.  Unfortunately some of the records have a strange character 
> encoding.  For example, apostrophes were converted to %u2019.  All the 
> charactes seenm to begin with %u and have 4 numbers after that.  i've 
> seen this kind of thing in word documents.  i don't know what it is, but 
> i think it's the extended ascii character set.  Anyway, i'm not sure what 
> to do about it.  i would like to find a way to convert this to simple 
> ascii permanently or else find a way for it to display correctly in html 
> and i'm hoping to do this in php.  i would also like to find a way to 
> prevent this from creeping into the system.  i'm sorry i don't understand 
> the problem well enough, and i'm sorry if i'm using the wrong words to 
> describe this problem.  Anyway i really appreciate the help.
>~darcy w. christ
>1000camels in a courtyard
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