Something catastrophic happened to my webserver and while I had the data of
the database and site content backed up, I'm having trouble getting it all
back up and working.

Prior to the server crash I was using Apache 1.3.2x (can't remember exactly)
and PHP 4.1.x (not sure on this one either, last time I upgraded was a few
months ago).  Everything was working perfectly.  I was using a lot of
start_session(), session_is_registered(), etc...session stuff.

Now I've compiled PHP 4.2.1 and tried both Apache 1.3.24 and Apache 2.0.36
and got them up and working (for the most part).  But everything that has
sessions in it is screwed.  Just hangs, no error, just hangs.  Is there
something I need to set in either php.ini or httpd.conf to get sessions
working again?

I've read that there are other, more preferred ways to do sessions now, and
I'm going to start porting to that, but right now I need to get the server

Can anyone offer me some advice?  I've been doing this for years now and I
feel like I'm losing my mind...I must just be overlooking something.


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