To perform a certain task I have to run one of my PHP scripts as a
CGI, which works fine except that the CGI doesn't have permissions to
my sessions that were saved running under the Apache module. I
expected different permissions, but I thought my user would have
/more/ permission to those files than the PHP user since they're saved
under my account..  Since I'm moving the user to a secure server with
this script I want to start a new session anyway, but I at least need
to read in the old session.

ideas anyone?  I do pass the script the SID so could I manually change
the permissions on the session file?

Any advice on transfering a session variable to a 2nd session?

Thanks for any help..

Please CC me as I'm on digest..

Running Linux, shared-hosting :(
Apache module: PHP 4.1.2
CGI module: PHP 4.0.6 :(

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