Thanks for the help! I spent more time looking at IFNULL() when I should've
just been looking at IF(). Thanks again, sorry for the off-topic!

Jason Soza

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I do believe it is a MySql question!!

What's wrong with the old standard way as:

$result = mysql_query("
        if (last_name is NULL,'zzz end',last_name) as last_name_sort
FROM   new_miatapix
ORDER BY last_name_sort
LIMIT $page, 20");

Good Luck.. HTH..
Jason Soza wrote:

> I thought this was a MySQL question, or something that could be solved
> a creative SQL string, but after looking through the MySQL manual, I don't
> think I can handle this with the database alone. According to the manual,
> MySQL always sorts NULL values first - I want them last. I have a
> field that sometimes contains people's last names, sometimes they choose
> to enter their last names. I want those who don't enter a last name to end
> up last on the list.
> Right now I have: $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM new_miatapix ORDER
> last_name LIMIT $page, 20");
> Am I going to have to do two queries here, then store them somehow using
> array? It seems like I'm going to have to do one query to get all NULL
> values for last_name, then do another query to get all NOT NULL values for
> last_name, but how would I handle that after I get it to PHP?
> Or can I use some PHP function to sort $result to place all NULL values
> last? I'd check the PHP manual, but it seems to not be responding well at
> the moment.
> Thanks,
> Jason Soza

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