Hi Guys and Girls,
I have reciently set up PHPbb2 on our site, its great and no problems with
the software but....
I am using frames so that a person can at any time jump out of the forum and
came right back to the site but....
because of the frames the forum is pushed a lot to the right...(you have to
scroll sideways to read everything) I know i hate when that happens if I
visit a website and i'm pretty sure a lot of other people do too.
Does anybody have any ideas on how i can make PHPBB's width a bit shorter?
Its set up here:
feel free to poke around and if you want post or write something etc....note
though that I have not "enabled" a link to this location as yet because of
the width thing....so this section is not opened/dead/unknown

I dont really know if this is a PHP question but I presume to make any
changes I will have to dig into the PHP part right?

ANY advise or help appreciated,
Thanks in advance,

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