Dunno if this has been mentioned or fixed in the latest release (I'm using
PHP version 4.1.1) -- but, a script will not timeout until the sleep()
function has finished it's duration -- for example:

In my script, if I set "set_time_limit(30)" -- then later in the script I
call a "sleep(45)" -- the script will not timeout until 45 seconds later,
from the point at which the sleep() function was called.

Now, being a conscious programmer -- I'd probably never set my sleep()
function to exceed my default or defined timeout setting.  However, the
sleep value can be set via a $var -- and depending on what functions are
performed -- I can see how, when a programmer wants his script to timeout
within a certain amount of time and then it doesn't; can cause a problem --
in-fact, I can foree some sort of sleep-attack whereby a malicious hacker
figures out that a particular script on a particular website has a dynamic
$var for the sleep() function -- then s/he writes a script which calls the
page many times --- "injecting" the $var (say for example:
http://www.whateverweb.goo/home.php?t=65536, where $t is the time $var in
the script; sleep($t);"

Effectively; in this case, the scripts won't timeout for 18 some hours.
Filling up memory fast.

Just FYI.

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