On Sunday 19 May 2002 14:27, Jason Caldwell wrote:
> I'm using IIS5.0 -- and PHP 4.2.1 -- I think there is a compression setting
> within IIS whereby the pages (before they are sent) are compressed, to be
> decompressed and then displayed by the browser (pending, of course, if that
> browser supports the HTTP 1.1 compression standard) --
> My questions are;
> 1. How can I tell if IIS is compressing my PHP / HTML pages?

If you have NN4.X use view source, if the source is empty then compression is 
active. This is because NN4.X has a problem/bug in viewing the source of a 
compressed page.

If you're using some form of un*x then:

  lynx --mime_header http://www.domain.com/page.php

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