Hi all,
I' m trying to copy an uploaded file:

        if(!empty($fichier)) {
                $nom = $HTTP_POST_FILES["fichier"]["name"];
                $type = $HTTP_POST_FILES["fichier"]["type"];
                $taille = $HTTP_POST_FILES["fichier"]["size"];
                $nom_tmp = $HTTP_POST_FILES["fichier"]["tmp_name"];
                echo "nom : $nom <br> type : $type <br> taille : $taille <p> nom
temporaire : $nom_tmp</p>;
                if(!strpos($nom, .gif") === FALSE || !(strpos($nom, ".jpg") === 
--->            $res = copy($fichier,$nom);
                        if ($res != 0) {
                        $msg = "<p> File save </p>";
                $msg = "<p> saving Error </p>";
      $msg = "<p> wrong type </p>";

and i get the error "Warning: open_basedir restriction in effect. File is in
wrong directory in d:\tsunami\zeg\9\exo4upload.php on line 5"
so is there any wrong path for  $res = copy($fichier,$nom);
should i use an absolute path?


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