I have several browsers installed; NS4.x, NS6.02, Opera 6.x, and MSIE 6.0 --
I'm using gzip compression on my site through the ob_gzhandler.  My pages
seem to load fine, however, ONLY in MSIE when I REFRESH (i.e.. with the
Refresh Button) the page seems to lose it's table or table format, and
everything looks all jacked up. This ONLY happens on a page reload.  The
other browsers don't seem to have this problem --

I went to MS's Windows Update, and installed several updates, mostly
Security updates -- there were no updates that spoke of a gzip / reload
problem -- nonetheless, I applied all I could.  After rebooting (again) -- I
went back to my site with MSIE 6 -- hit reload and now the problem has gone

Has anyone heard of the problem with MSIE 6?  If this is a known problem;
I'll have to perform some browser check to make sure I can gzip to that MSIE
version 6 build (whatever) -- kind of a hassle.

I just did a search on Technet, and could find no mention of it.


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