PD> <?php
PD>  $answers="$band, $middlename, $pot";
PD>  $date=date ("l dS of F Y h:i:s A");
PD>   $sql = "INSERT INTO prizeline (id, email, name, address, answers, date) VALUES 
('', '$email', '$name', '$address', '$answers', '$date')";
PD>   echo $sql;
PD>   mysql_query($sql) or die ("There has been an error");
PD> ?>

If this is all of your script, then you are missing those pesky
"connect to server" and "select database" functions.

If you replace your die message with die(mysql_error()) you will
probably see a very helpful error message such as "no database
selected" or "hey buddy, not connected".

- Julie

--> Julie Meloni
--> www.thickbook.com

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