what's that value of $footertext?
        is it the actual contents of the footer file?
have you tried displaying the contents of $footertext just before you call
        does it contain what you're expecting?

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  On my website, I open my header (and footer) file with fileopen and 
then eval() it.  I know I should include them, but I knew nothing about 
php when I did this.  Anyway, I'm working on "groups" for my website. 
 They will be a kind of club.  At the top of every group page, I include 
a group function file.  Among those functions is one that checks if the 
user trying to go to the group is a member of it.  If not, it gives them 
an error message and exits.  It is also supposed to eval() the footer 
before exiting.  My code is as follows:

    function checkmember(){
    global $groupid;
    global $userinfo;
    global $footertext;
    if($groupid != $userinfo['groupid']){
    print "<b>Error:</b> you're not a member of this group.";

The thing is, it doesn't seem to eval() the footer.  I've even tried 
getting $footertext out of the $GLOBALS array.  I have also tried 
printing $footertext to make sure it wasn't a problem with evel(). 
 Nothing has worked.  When I did isset() on $GLOBALS['footertext'], it 
worked however.  Thanks to anybody who can help.

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