That's an even better idea, precisely why I wanted to ask your opinions on
this subject.  Thanks.. I think I will wait to re-email that archive list
until I have a lot of great ideas we could combine to get one great idea.
Thanks a lot for your input!


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> From: Jason Wong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Organization: Gremlins Associates
> Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 16:26:38 +0800
> Subject: Re: [PHP] Email harvesters
> On Monday 20 May 2002 15:46, Richard Baskett wrote:
>> I wrote this email to the php Archive list and I would like to get your
>> opinions on it.. Thanks! :)
>> "Is there any way that we could get the archives password protected?  Apple
>> does a nice thing where they tell you the username and password to login
>> and the whole purpose of it is so that email harvesters can not go through
>> and.. Well.. Harvest our emails from the list :)  I think a lot of people
>> would not mind having something like this added to the pages since my guess
>> is that we're all sick and tired of spam and junkmail and eliminating one
>> possible garden for harvesters would be nice :)  I am going to email this
>> to the list also to see what kind of feedback comes from it."
> If they're password protected then how would search engines like google crawl
> through the archives? The best thing that could be done is hide (remove) the
> email addresses when the posts are placed in the archive -- something like
> what geocrawler does.
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