Ok well that array idea could work..

but what's the filename format of these files??

if they're all contigous or in some kind of pattern there maybe a faster and
easier way such as if you have them for example named:
file1.ext, file2.ext

or some pattern or other.. then you can just use random number func's to do
some work with you and all should be good..

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Subject: RE: [PHP] how to select a file on a random basis?

> > I would like to pick a file out of a directory by random. There are 400
> > files and I just want to pick on of those by random.
> >
> > Is there a way with rand() and file ?
> Well there's a couple ways you could do this...it's too early in the
> to post code but with some quick searches in the manual you should find
> you need.
> The most dynamic way to do this is to grab all the filenames in the
> directory you want, then randomize the array using shuffle....then use the
> first cell value in the array.
> If you don't understand what I'm suggesting just lmk =)  I'll try
> in better detail when I'm more awake hehe.
> Sincerely,
> Craig Vincent
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