I appreciate all the replies to my question before about this. And also
to the person who asked the question later in the day!

What I'm looking for is a database neutral, comprehensive way to do

First of all, though, will a php string hold binary data with the value
of 0x00 at multiple locations and NOT self terminate on the first
occurrence of it? In short, are php strings null terminated, or count
terminated like pascal and ada?

1/ If PHP strings are count terminated, as per above, then escaping 0x00
is necessary and functional. Probably a '\' character would be

2/ obviously, the <'> character should be escaped, but I want it escaped
with another <'>.

3/ I'm not sure if a <"> needs to be quoted in the data that goes into a
database. Does it? How should it be escaped, '\'?

4/ The page on <add_slashes()> has some comment about escaping '_', '%'
chars. I seem to remember that ANSI standard escape for the '%' is
another one. What is the reason for escaping the '_' char and how is it

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