This is what you must do.

  Copy Part

copy php4ts.dll to c:\winnt\system32\
copy php4sapi.dll to c:\winnt\system32\
if you want any extensions, copy them to to c:\winnt\system32\

  configuration part
 in php.ini
edit doc_root like : c:/Inetpub/wwwroot
edit extension_dir like : c:/winnt/system32
then remove the ";" infront of every extension you would like to have.

  now, in iis5.0
don't use it as a "filter"
use it as an script/executable in the home flick, where you set document/web

add "c:\winnt\system32\php4sapi.dll" and, fileextension, ofcourse ".php"

i hope i make sence... good luck.

"Ryan Conover" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am having trouble installing PHP 4.2.1 on Win2K/IIS5 as an ISAPI Module.
> I copied php.ini file with my config to the winnnt folder, and set the the
> app mappings and Isapi filters to C:\PHP\SAPI\php4isapi.dll, but the
> does not read any of the changes in the php.ini file.  How can I get
> settings to be read?
> Ryan Conover

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