> I am experiencing problems with receiving form data into my
> scripts.  The phpinfo() function shows me:
> _POST["Action"]                       checkEmail 
> _POST["emailAddress"]         st 
> _POST["submit"]                       Next >> 
> _COOKIE["uid"]
> _COOKIE["emailAddress"]
> _COOKIE["testCookie"]         Success 

Further to my last email, I'd just like to point out that the scripts that
I am using used to work with an older php4 version (not sure of the
version number).

I'd also like to point out how the script works:

(1) joinup.php
   -set test cookie
   -delete emailAddress cookie
   -redirect to joinup1.php

(2) joinup1.php
   -if test cookie
   -ask for email/passwd ->submit
   -sumbits to self with Action=checkEmail
   -checkemail is failing due to this "problem".

So basically the $emailAddress variable is being overwritten by the
emailAddress cookie in (1).  How can I prevent this?  Remember that I need
to delete the emailAddress cookie as the user will not be able to sign in
in (2) when they to use a different email address (which is required).


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