On Tue, May 21, 2002 at 10:22:10PM +0800, erich wrote:
> Warning: Undefined index: install in d:\wwwroot\program_files\install.php
> on line 14

Undefined index means that the index you requested from an array doesn't 

> <?php
> $install = $HTTP_POST_VARS["install"];

That's line 14.  So, "install" isn't set, but you're using it as if it 

> the strange things is when i install the php program, it does not have
> outputted this warning, but this warning occurs when i put all the files
> to a remote server

You have different error reporting levels on the different servers.

One option to solve the problem is change error reporting.  The more
preferable thing to do is this:

   if ( empty($_POST['install']) ) {
      $install = '';
   } else {
      $install = $_POST['install'];



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