On Wednesday 22 May 2002 00:37, Timothy J. Luoma wrote:
> Hello PHP'ers
> I am currently using the very cool PHPSlideshow(1)
> This gives me URLs that look like this:
>       http://www.tntluoma.com/show.php?directory=nursery/
> I would like to be able to have simpler URL like this:
>       http://www.tntluoma.com/show/directory=nursery/
> I was researching for an answer for this and came across some information
> at http://www.evolt.org/article/rdf/18/22880/ that was quite helpful about
> Apache's 'force type' which means (I think) that I can use this:
> <FilesMatch "^show$">
>     ForceType application/x-httpd-php
> </FilesMatch>
> that will mean that I do not have to use the .php, which is good.

Once you have forced 


To run as your php script then ...

> But the question remains how I can drop the ? (originally found after the
> show.php? for a / as above)

... use $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['REQUEST_URI'] (or $_SERVER[...]) to grab and parse 
the rest of the URL. Obviously you'll have to make some minor changes to 
PHPSlideshow so that it will output the URL without the '?'

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