Ok here is my error message:
Warning: Unable to open '' for reading: No such file or directory in
upload_done.php on line 9

I have checked permissions on the folder and they are correct, my only guess
is that upon doing several checks, session vars, etc... it is loosing the
file name somewhere.
Any help would be great!  Thanks in advance,

if (isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['u_n']) || isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['p_w'])) {
 if ($img1 = "") {
  $error_null = "<b>You did not select a file to upload.</b><br><a
href='upload_a.php'><b><< back</b></a>"; }
 elseif (!eregi('.jpg$', $img1_name)) {
  $error_msg = "<b>You tried to upload an invalid image.  File must be a jpg
file type.</b><br><a href=upload_a.php'><b><< back</b></a>"; }
 elseif (eregi('.jpg$', $img1_name)) {
  copy("$img1", "/images/$img1_name"); // this is line 9 and my error!
  $main = "Your file has been uploaded. If you need to make more changes
please select the page from the menu and follow the instructions."; }
 } else {
 header ("Location: index.php");

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