I am having a problem getting a session variable in the function
(currentlogin) below.  I can process the script and in the else statement
"print ($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['name']);" the session variable is printed but
when the function tries to print the session variable, I get an error
indicating an undefined variable.

If someone could help me out I would appreaciate it.  Is there a good
tutorial on how to set and get session variables.  From some of the snippets
I have read in this news group there appears to be several ways to
accomplish this.


if (isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['name'])==false){
    else {
      //Get logged in name and display message asking user if they would
like to log out
        print ($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['name']);

    function currentlogin()
    print ($HTTP_SESSION_VARS['name']);


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