you should use $array["test"] if test is a string
and $array[test] if test is a constant.
do not use $array[test] if you mean the string "test".
$array[test] will also work, if "test" is a string.
Php then tries to look for a constant with name "test",
won't find one and evaluate "test" as string.
But as soon as you define a constant with the name "test",
it won't work as expected:

$array = array();
$array["test"] = "hello";

define("test", "thetest");

$array[test] = "bye";


will output:

    [test] => hello
    [thetest] => bye

This could also happen if the php dev team decides to set a constant
with the name "test". Therefore always use "" for string-keys in arrays.

Regards Michael

"Hunter Vaughn" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> Is there any reason I can't just use a JavaScript redirect from a PHP
> handling script since I can't seem to get the header("Location: URL");
> function to work?  Any security concerns or anything else?  As far as I
> tell, all calls to header fail as soon as I attain variables based on a
> submission.  See example below.
> <?
>     $username = $_POST[username];
>     $password = $_POST[password];
>     if(some username/password format verification) {
>         query the database
>         if($password matches pass in database) {
>             session_start();
>             $email = $Row[0];
>             $memberID = $Row[1];
>             session_register('email');
>             session_register('memberID');
>             //header("Location: URL");        This doesn't work.
>             print("<script language=\"JavaScript\">window.location =
>             exit;
>         }
>         else {
>             print("That didn't work...");
>         }
>     }
>     else {
>         print("Please enter your username & password.");
>     }
> ?>

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