r wrote:
> Hey Guys,
> Heres the deal,
> I have a client who wants me to make a "testimonials" program for him,
> Which is no problem till now, but now he has come with some additional
> requirments that I dont know how to deal with...
> he has a flatfile with a crap load of entries and he wants me to export it
> into mySql!
> Do any of you know what function to write to read a record from a flatfile
> and write it to the database record for record?
> doing it manually will be a pain in the --- but i dont want to lose the
> chance for work...:-(
> The flatfile was written using perl.
> If need be I can give you the MyTestimonialsDB.txt file to screw around
> with.....

Depends on the format contained in the flat file... if it is some kind of
standard format then you may find a tool that does the job for you... more
than likely the format is custom and you'll need to do the grunt work
yourself - either by hand (small file) or by writing a script to do it for

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