That's why I suggested using PDF_save and PDF_restore.

PDF_save saves all sorts of attributes like the current color, scale, 
skew, rotation, etc. So you can call that, then make any changes, draw 
anything that needs to be affected by those changes, then call 
PDF_restore, and you're back to normal. You can nest those as much as 
necessary, too.


On Wed, 22 May 2002, Jeff Hatcher wrote:
> I understand the rotating of the page.  So this is what I am doing: I am
> building a page $pdf. If I rotate the page then everything on the page
> rotates also. I need to put titles in a 45 degree angle. These titles
> can change and there can be between 3-6 depending on the users input. Is
> there a way to build this text on a separate page then merge it into the
> $pdf page. Or any ideas of how you might do it. If it was just one title
> or on a page by itself then I understand how to do it. The problem is
> that it isn't.
> Thanks
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> On Wed, 22 May 2002, Jeff Hatcher wrote:
> > Does anyone know of a way to rotate text in a pdf?
> > I can rotate an image and rotate a page but can not seen to rotate
> > text.
> You're using PDFlib?
> It works just fine, but you have to understand how PostScript works. 
> Calling PDF_rotate rotates the entire page beneath you by that amount. 
> Call it first, THEN draw your text.
> It may be sensible to wrap the whole thing in a PDF_save and PDF_restore
> so you don't have to keep track and manually unrotate.
> So:
> 1. pdf_save
> 2. pdf_rotate
> 3. pdf_show
> 4. pdf_restore
> miguel
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