On Thursday 23 May 2002 03:03, Seth Northrop wrote:
> Has anyone devised a good solution for handling large blocks of text when
> creating pdfs?
> We want to convert otherwise web displayed reports into text keeping in
> mind that they span multiple pages (10-1000), and will contain control
> characters (\n, or arbitrary indention tags - ie, it's not just one
> giant paragraph).  We also have images to place primarily at the end of
> the report so we need to be cognizant of our positions within pages
> throughout the process.
> I see some discussion of the topic on the pdf_show_boxed function within
> the PHP manual - but, nothing particularly conclusive nor nothing that
> seems like it would intelligently handle multiple pages.
> I can think of a few less than ideal solutions; but, figured I'd see if
> anyone else has any clever ideas (I can't imagine people haven't faced
> this before).

Search on sourceforge for "php pdf". There are some classes out there which 
makes the PDF functions very easy to use.

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