I am trying to define a function that is *like* the standard PHP "include()"
function but is slightly different, but I am running into trouble with
varible scoping.  The idea is this:

I want to mimic "include()" in a way such that when I include a file, it can
then include files relative to itself, instead of relative to the root file
in the chain of includes.  For example, if I do something like this:

// we are here: /root/file.php

// we are here: /root/subDir/anotherFile.php

I get a warning saying that "diffSubDir" is not a valid directory, because
it is actually looking for "/root/diffSubDir/diffFile.php" when I mean to
include "/root/subDir/diffSubDir/diffFile.php".

The first thing I did was this:
$myPath = getcwd()."/";

That's fine, but it's kind of kludgey, because I need to be really careful
not to do crush my $rootPath variable if I need to do it again inside my
include...  So the next step was to protect the variable by making it local
to a function.  Here is what I got:

function myInclude($fileName)
 //you are here
 $rootPath = getcwd()."/";

 //find where we need to go
 $aryFilePath = split("/", $fileName);
 $fileToInclude = array_pop($aryFilePath);
 $includePath = join("/", $aryFilePath) . "/";

 //do the include

So that's great!  It does almost everything I want it to do, EXCEPT: the
variable scope within the includes is screwy.  The file included in this
manner is local to the function, so it does not have inherent access to the
variables set before/after the call to myInclude().  That makes sense
conceptually, but it doesn't solve my problem.  Declaring variables as
"global" doesn't really fix it because a) I want to keep this generic, so I
won't always know what variables to call as global, and b) if I call this
function from within an object, I want to keep my variables local to the
class, but not to the function call within the class.  If I am in the class,
for example, and I declare a var as global, I just lost my encapsulation.

What I really want is for this function to work just like the native PHP
"include()" function, where it does its thing without making its own scope.
Is there any way to do such a thing?  I tried declaring and calling the
function as &myInclude(), but that didn't do it either.

Am I out-of-luck, or is there some cool trick I haven't learned yet?

David Huyck

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