It'd help if you showed us some code.

If you've got a unix time stamp in your MySQL db, then all you need to do is
compare it to your local server time using time().


$then = "1021877476";       // your unix timestamp stored in MySQL
$now = time();              // current time stamp
$difference = $now - $then; // in seconds

If your date is stored in YYY-MM-DD format, you'll have to convert it to a
unix time stamp first (can be done in query, or using strtotime()).


on 23/05/02 8:06 PM, Cosmin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hello
> How can I compare Unix Time?
> As integer values?
> I take the unix time from database and I compare with the current time
> and something is not functioning. Can somebody show me how can I do this?
> Thank you ,
> Cosmin

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