This is not what I need.
I'm not building a userbase to authenticate with.

I'm holding a database of users and passwords that I need to keep.
There is no authentication done against these user/password pairs.

I don't want to keep the passwords in free text since if someone breaks in, 
he can steel many users and passwords.

What I want to do, is encrypt each password with another password.
and be able to decrypt the string with the same pass that was used
to encrypt to show the original plain text pass two who ever needs
to see it.



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calculate a hash of the pass the user enters and store that. When the user
enters a pass again to get the data, then hash this pass and see if it
matches the stored hash. If it does , then send the user the data.
create a table that stores username, and hashed passwords for

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I need to encrypt some fields in my mysql database.
I need to ask a user for a pass when he enters the data, encrypt it and show
him the data only if he enters 
the pass again.
I know that pgp has a module that works with passwords instead of keys. I
never tried this on Linux though.
Any help will be appreciated.

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