There's really no way to see how many users are on line. You can "guess"
and say that if they were active in the past X minutes, then they are
"online". How you'd do that is save a timestamp along with your
session_ID in the database and update it whenever the person does

You could try and get a count of the session files, too, but that's not
completely accurate either, since old sessions are cleaned up every so
many seconds/minutes/whatever...

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> Subject: [PHP] checking session ID's
> Hi list, it's been a while.
> I want to see how many users are online.  I store the users $PHPSESSID
> a
> database field (phpsessid) when they login.  When they logout, the
> $PHPSESSID value in phpsessid is removed.  I could just see how many
> have something in the phpsessid field, but if a user doesn't click the
> "Logout" button, then the value stays there, it doesn't get removed.
> So, does anyone know how else I could do this?  If I could check to
see if
> an $PHPSESSID is valid, I could look through the database and check to
> if the value in the phpsessid field is still valid.
> Any ideas?
> thanks,
> Tyler
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