Do whatever you want, whatever is easier for you.

I'd use $_GET['var'], personally, just because it's a waste of time and
memory to assign it to another variable, plus you don't have to worry
about passing variables to function, classes, etc...

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> Subject: [PHP] the new variables
> Hi,
> Just to prevent a bunch of non-helpful e-mails, I've already RTMF!
> Now, to the point.  When using the new variables in php 4.2.x, how
> I
> go about handling my variables?
> Should I just _print "$_GET[var]"_ every time I need to print $var to
> screen, or would it be better to just do this in an include file or at
> top of every page:
> $var = $_GET[var];
> Thanks!
> tyler
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