Outlook shows the images inline... *and* attaches them to the end of the
email - is that standard?

(It's a horror to work with Outlook and this kind of setup, so I can't
really tell myself - brrr... )

Since Eudora doesn't display the inline images, though I tried all
possible and impossible settings, I assume there's still an error in
the code?



At 10:34 24.05.02, you wrote:
>On Friday 24 May 2002 15:36, m u i n a r wrote:
> > The encoding works, the message looks fine, just the images are not
> > embedded but attached. Aaargh  :(
>Like I said before it, what I had works on Outlook and not on KMail. As my
>client only uses Outlook and it worked I didn't do any further investigation.
>So, try it on Outlook and see what you get.

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