Hi to all!!!
1) phpinfo() return: GD version 1.6.2 or higher
What does this mean exactly? What's the correct  version of my GD?

2) I made a script that upload an image and paste the site logo in the
bottom-left corner.
The problem is that I get the error:
" gd-png warning: alpha channel not supported "
The img logo is a PNG32 with transparent background.
Someone told me that I need GD 2.x.x (to work in truecolor) but is it
possible to make it working with my version of GD?

Here is the script:
  //Adding logo
  $logo = "filigrana.png";
  $dst_im = @ImageCreateFromJPEG("../".$pathImg.$NomeFile);
  $src_im = @ImageCreateFromPNG($logo);
  $dst_size = GetImageSize("../".$pathImg.$NomeFile);
  $src_size = GetImageSize($logo);
  ImageCopy( $dst_im, $src_im, 0, $dst_size[1] - $src_size[1], 0, 0,
$src_size[0], $src_size[1]);

Thanks for your help,

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