I use the header when the Image is the only thing in the file.  To use it in
a file with other stuff do I just put it before the ImageCreate?

I'll have to try the galleryimg tag.  Thanks!!!


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On Thu, 23 May 2002, Leotta, Natalie (NCI/IMS) wrote:
> I've got a page where I create an Image that I want to put into one of 
> my HTML table cells.  I've been doing this by saving the file, 
> chmoding it, and then opening it using image source in the HTML.
> The problem is that when you do that, the new version of IE has that 
> stupid pop-up window when you mouseover on an image.  When I create an 
> Image in a different file, and have the image source tag linking to 
> that filename, for some reason there's no pop-up window.  Is there any 
> way for me to create the Image in the same file and include it in the 
> page without saving it and opening it?  We just did usability testing 
> and everyone hated the little popup that Microsoft gave us.

You can output the image direct from PHP to the browser. Just send the 
proper header ('Content-Type: image/png' or whatever) and output the image 

As for that hateful little popup thing, I think you can get rid of that by 
adding the attriute GALLERYIMG="NO" to your IMG tag.


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