I am running Apache 1.3.23, with mod_ssl 2.8.7, and PHP 4.2.1 on Solaris 8.
When I try to post to a PHP form that is in my htdocs folder, I get the 405
Method not Allowed message for method POST. I have no <LIMIT> directives in
my httpd.conf, and I have the 2 AddType application/x-httpd-php lines
uncommented in the httpd.conf. I can do a GET of another PHP file so I know
that PHP is working. In searching the archives I found some problems if the
request is via HTTPS but this is an HTTP request that is failing. I have
tested the PHP forms on another webserver running the same version of
Apache, without mod_ssl and with a few different PHP options and they work

Thanks in advance for any input you may have.

Kevin Van Der Hart
Systems Administrator
Vermeer Mfg Co

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