On Fri, 24 May 2002, Fearless Froggie wrote:
> I've noticed that a number of online marketing companies now advertise
> the ability to send a combined HTML and Text email. The text email
> readers then apparently display these as text, and html email readers
> display these as html.
> I know how to send an html email, and a text email. But I can't figure
> out how you would send a combined html and text email.
> Could anybody give me an idea of how this would work, or perhaps point
> me the way to a tutorial or article? The tutorial doesn't have to be
> specifically for PHP -- once I know how it works, I can adapt it to PHP
> myself!

Search the net for 'multipart/alternative'.

In a nutshell, you declare the message itself as MIME type 
multipart/alternative, then enclose parts with types like text/plain, 
text/html, text/enriched, what have you. The MUA decides which format it 

Bear in mind that some fairly-common MUAs (either Lotus Notes or Groupwise 
springs to mind) can't decipher these messages and just show the whole 
thing. So make sure the text/plain part comes first.


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