I am using php 4.2.0 and apache 2.0 on win95. I am facing some problems with
xslt extension.
Nobody replied at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Problem is that xslt processor is unable to find the xml and xsl files.
Files are in the same directory as the php file and document_root is

So when I do something like:

$proc = xslt_create();
xslt_process($proc, "ptable.xml", "ptable.xsl", "ptable.html");

It tries to find file under some other directory:

Warning: Sablotron error on line none: cannot open file
'D:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM/inetsrv/ptable.xsl' in E:\web\newsite\transxml.php on
line 17

But readfile("ptable.xml"); is able to read the file and display its

Then I changed file paths like this:

xslt_process($proc, "\ptable.xml", "\ptable.xsl", "\ptable.html");

and it searched for files under d:\.

So, I copied both files under d:\ and transformation worked and ptable.html
was created.

But because I wanted these files to be in the original directory I changed
it like this:

$xml_file = stripslashes($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"])."\ptable.xml";
$xsl_file = stripslashes($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"])."\ptable.xsl";
$html_file = stripslashes($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"])."\ptable.html";
echo $xml_file, "<br>";
echo $xsl_file, "<br>";
echo $html_file, "<br>";
$proc = xslt_create();

if (xslt_process($proc, $xml_file, $xsl_file, $html_file))
    echo "File ptable.xml has been transformed using ptable.xsl";
    echo "Contents of this file are:";
    echo "Some error occured<br>";
    echo "Error is: ", xslt_error($proc);
    echo "<br>Error number is: ", xslt_errno($proc);

Result is:


Warning: Sablotron error on line 1: unknown encoding '' in
E:\web\newsite\transxml.php on line 22
Some error occured
Error is: unknown encoding ''
Error number is: 66

But there is no encoding problem etc. because it created output file when
files were copied to d:\ as mentioned above.

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