Can somone take a look at this? I found this on sourceforge, but cannot
reach author.

This month won't display properly. It's missing </tr><tr> somewhere.
Every other month seems to work.

Can someone help please? Here is the code:

The problem should be in here, but I can't see it:

  // Plancing day i on calendar
  if ($shift==0 && $today_ts==$day_i_ts) {
   echo "<td

  else {
   echo "<td

      if ($day_i==7 && $i<$daysInMonth) {
           echo "</tr><tr>\n";
   else if ($day_i==7 && $i==$daysInMonth) {
           echo "</tr>\n";
      else if ($i==$daysInMonth) {
           for ($h=$dayMonth_end; $h<7; $h++) {
           echo "<td>&nbsp;</td>\n";
       echo "</tr>\n";
  } //end else

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