Hi to all;

Finally i've set-up my AIX server with PHP and oracle support. Thanks for
all who helps me for the configure setup.
Now I have a problem in oracle function regarding the retrieval of entries
in the oracle table. The Ora_Fetch_Into function doesnt work properly to me
or i have  an error in which i dont know. I've written below the code that i
used to test, it doesnt echo the value of $name and $email. My query works
if i've enter it manually with my Oracle server. I really dont know why im
just a newbie with this database(oracle) statement.

Please help us here. Thanks in advance.

$connection = Ora_Logon("apps","apps");
$cursor= Ora_Open($connection);

$query = "select * from mikecarel";
$result = Ora_Parse($cursor,$query);
echo"<table border=1>";
echo"<tr><td><b>Full Name</b></td><td><b>Email Address</b></td></tr>";
        $name = $values[0];
        $email = $values[1];
echo "<tr><td>$name</td><td>$email</td></tr>";
ora_logoff($connection); ?>


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