Hi there,

I would like to save images into a blob column. Works good if I use the tmp
file php has created after submitting the form.

But if I do some gd stuff like changing some colors with inside the image
and then save this immage, it does not work.

I used to save the image to a file with:   imagejpeg($picture, $name); //
this works
and now I try to save it to the db with:

   $picture = ImageCreateTrueColor($maxX, $dstY);
    //... some funky stuff like using the uuploaded file and mixing it with
a water mark
  $data = addslashes($picture);

  $stmt ="
       INSERT INTO test.picture_test
        (file_name, file_type, picture)
        ('$name', '$picture_location_type', '$data')

Like I said if I replace the $picture with the variable of the tmp field it
works fine.

I tryed also to do an imagejpeg before saving to the db, but it did not
change anything.

Thank you so much for any hint,


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