I'm happy to announce the latest version of the Xdebug extension for PHP 
4.2.1 and 4.3.0-dev. This new version has a lot of new and improved 
functionality. This includes:

- improved support for arguments to user defined functions
- trace functions to trace function calls during the whole script
  (including included files)
- PHP 4.2.1 compability
- support for Windows
- support for include, require and eval
- new functions for enabling and disabling xdebug from php.ini and the 
- new function to return the amount of used memory during script execution

There are still a few points left on the road to Xdebug 1.0.0. These will 
be implemented in the near future:

- Support for variable function names
- Support for class names
- Tracing variables in functions
- Profiling

You can find the source and binaries of the Xdebug extension at the 
project site at http://www.jdimedia.nl/xdebug.php.


 Derick Rethans                             http://www.jdimedia.nl/derick/ 
 JDI Media Solutions                               http://www.jdimedia.nl/

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