I managed to be somewhat succesfull while trying to get PHP4 and IMP to get
quota information from my IMAP server (Vircom's VOPMail for Windows
NT/2000 - available from www.vircom.com).

I changed the script a little bit to talk right to Vircom's IMAP server but
its response differs a little from what RFC 2087 says. While Vircom replies
with (STORAGE 10 20480 TRIGGER 0 17408), PHP4's get_imap_quota expects
(STORAGE 10 20480), without the TRIGGER. The result is that PHP4 is
considering the usage to be 0 and the quota 17408. Looks like it gets the
last two numbers it finds and uses it, but I'm not sure...

I'm no C programmer and couldn't actually find the way that PHP4 and/or WU
IMAP c-client tries to understand the output from the server. So, could
anyone point to me the way to change this behavior and understand my
server's information?

Luiz Lima
Image Link Internet

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