You cannot change the upload limit in your script because the file upload
happens before your script is executed.  You need to set it in your
php.ini, httpd.conf or .htaccess


On Mon, 27 May 2002, DevilKin wrote:

> Hello,
> As stated in the topic: PHP 4.1.2 balantly ignores max_upload_filesize
> paramter. I've been trying - without solution - to get php 4.1.2 (compiled as
> module for apache 1.3.xx) to accept a file upload (via post) of more than 2
> mb. Files <= 2mb work great, but when I go above this php returns
> is_uploaded_file() with false, even tho the file is correct. It also doesn't
> seem to be saved correctly.
> I am not using ANY ini-file, but I've been able to reproduce this behaviour
> with an ini file (on a different system, same php/apache versions)
> Is there something I'm missing here?
> Thanks!
> DK
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