On Tuesday 28 May 2002 05:59, burak delice wrote:
> I want to make a php that include javascript that use a php variable. Code
> is below:

No need to post twice.

> <?
> $size = GetImageSize ("images/$resim");
> echo "<script language=\"JavaScript\">
>   wdth=";$size;echo";";
>   echo "</script>";
> ?>

That code looks broken to me.

> (I am calling that php file as below)
> http://localhost/Aksu/web/getimage.php?resim=K00.jpg
> But explore gives me an javascript error that syntax error. Why? and how
> can do my purpose?

Did you use view source (ALT-V, C) to see what is actually in the "<script 
...> ... </script>" ? 

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