this is what I use to get rid of "line" from the url

$qs = ereg_replace("&$", "", ereg_replace("line=[^&]*&?", "",


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Hey All,

I am just begining to learn regex functions in PHP. Anyhow I am trying 
to code a preg_replace function which basically cleans a URL.

What I mean is say a url is index.php?page=hello&list=10&start=4 you 
pass that URL and say 'list' to the function (shown below) Anyhow I 
want that to then return index.php?page=hello&start=4 (see how the 
entire list reference is now gone)

Here is what I have come up with so far, though I am yet to test it as 
I am coding this at work :)

function stripUrl($url, $url_strip)
        // Check that $url_strip is in the URL
        if(strpos($url,'?') && strpos($url, $url_strip.'='))
                // Lets clean up the url
                $url = preg_replace("/\?|&$url_strip=/", "", $url);
        return $url;

My problem is that, how do I make the preg_replace stop when it 
encounters a & in the URL? If anyone could shed some light on this it 
would be appreciated,

 - Regards, Scott

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