PHP's sessions are blocking, i.e. until a session is closed, all other calls to
session_start() are pending. If you don't close a session explicitely, it
remains opened until the script is terminated.
The solution is to close a session as soon as possible (session_write_close) or
use non-blocking read-only sessions (session_readonly instead of session_start)
in case you don't need to modify registered variables.


Dima Dubin wrote:

> Hello,
> I have very wierd problem :
> I use session to manage users and I have this structure of the page :
> -----
> include("db.php");
> include("header.php");
> bla bla
> include("footer.php");
> -----
> in the db.php I have :
> ----
> session_start();
> #some mysql connect stuff
> ----
> I use session with the $_SESSION array (cheking if registered[isset($_S...)]
> and registering...)
> and all work fine....
> but sometimes the page loading is very very very slow (and its a really
> really fast host) and when I removing session_start(); from the top of the
> page, the page load normaly.
> the PHP version is 4.1.1, someone have an idea ?
> thanks in advance,
> Dima.

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